Sunday, November 6, 2011

Leaked honeymoon photos of Hot Kim Kardashian

A few pictures of Kim Kardashian's romantic honeymoon have leaked online, but now there are even more, and they are hot. The newlyweds attempted to leave the country without a lot of fan fare, but as with anything Kim Kardashian does, it was not possible.

Their Italian honeymoon was short-lived and Kim promises it was not the real honeymoon. Kris Humphries and his bride stayed at the luxurious Hotel Santa Caterina along Italy's Amalfi Coast. Their luxury suite ran them $3,300 a night, but when you just pulled off one of the most lavish weddings of the century, what's a few extra dollars? The Chalet Giulietta & Romeo featured a king-size bed, a private garden and terrace and their own Jacuzzi. A spectacular private infinity pool was another feature. The couple were spotted enjoying several breakfasts al fresco out on their "private" terrace. Private does not mean invisible and photographers managed to get some intimate photos of the couple.
Kim and Kris were regularly seen poolside. In one series of photos, Kim donned a tiny bikini, showing off all her famous curves. Her backside was stamped with the label, "Mrs. Humphries" just in case anybody mistook her voluptuous dairy-are for some other gorgeous raven-haired  beauty. As if. The newlyweds were seen getting very hot and heavy poolside several times and on at least one occasion, there were some clothes falling off before they headed indoors for some much needed privacy.
A guest of the hotel reveals, "They only had eyes for each other…They were in their own little world." Kim gushed about her impromptu honeymoon, "Our honeymoon was so perfect! We caught up on alone time." The reality star insists she was unaware of the mini-vacation, "We were planning on waiting until next summer to take a honeymoon. But Kris surprised me last minute!" He is already starting out on the right foot! Way to go, Kris.
The couple are still planning on taking an extensive tropical honeymoon. In the meantime, they are in New York so Kim can make some money with her latest reality show endeavor.

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